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Thanks for visiting us at StarTessa,  
here’s just a little info on who we are and what we are about. 
Startessa is run by me, Nigel and my most appreciated assistant who helps with the posting of your lovely items, in hopefully super fast time. 
Our design and manufacturing.
our collections are made up of our own designs and a few hand picked commissioned pieces.
Our production is small and made in a few studios, fairly traded and with happy workers. We work in Istanbul, Rajasthan and the Himalaya to produce or buy what we like most. There is no mass production here.
We try to use ethical fabrics where possible. Our favourites are Bamboo and Cotton and other natural  wood based fabrics. We also use recycled fabrics when we can such as blankets and plastic water bottles.
If you have any questions about any of our products please do send us a message.
Also, we are on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook ..why not hook up with us there.
My thanks and love goes out to the fabulous models who also make regular 'live appearances' at Festivals and Markets: Alea, Hannah, Abby, Liv, Maria, and Renata, who like me live eat and breath this wonderful alternative culture.




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