Boho kimono

Lets all be super heroes May 26, 2019 20:10

Costumes are both fun and flamboyant .. wearing a unique one off piece makes it all even more exiting, imagine,  you are the only one with such an eye catching  piece of cloth, but I'll talk about that later, meanwhile I couldn’t help finding Dana Christina Strauts’ comment in her @thefashiontag kimono blog hilariously true ,

“just think about it , what if, when wearing one we’d all turn into fucking super heroes, who can see 20 inch heals , pink hair, drink with no hangovers, sing better than Beyoncé, ride motorcycles through the desert and have great hair “ 

Yes to kimonos, dress up, look amazing while you gracefully walk with the sun , the moon, friends revellers party goers festival fanatics. They can sparkle,  they can reveal, you can wear sexy shorts, bikinis or pyjamas under them. 

Wear them to the super market or a psychedelic music festival,  posh eats or #beach treats . But dont be put off though if you find out that silk boho gypsy Kimono you bought isn't real silk, the good thing about it is that it is 'real unique' and its not made from new freshly printed fabric coming from a horrendously huge factory.


 Simply wear it and draw attention, flaunt ones imagination in a sheer boho sparking #kimono on the  #beach #modem #noisily #burningman . #st and enjoy.