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Designing and producing my first Summer, Gypsy, hippie chic Clothing collection in the harsh outback of the Rajasthani desert was an interesting experience.

On my first visit a few years back I was amazed at how authentic my surroundings were and of course how precarious it is for a first timer. Its not just the locals that can smell your naivety. 

 In search of interesting boho gypsy  style fabrics can take you into dangerous territory, especially when you smell like an alien.  Maybe best get your Rabies jabs if your plan is off the beaten track. 


 Traipsing intrepid down a dark,dusty, desert  back street in Rajasthan, blindly  following my Tailor and Fabric buyer  to his humble yard,  when a mangy  mutt flew with the force and ferocity of a wild beast and pierced my clean, white alien smelling flesh with both jaws sinking as deeply and neatly as an addicts needle might feel.


Unprotected at the time with no hint of a secure, safe serum running through my veins and nothing but the hundreds of harrowing warnings echoing around my over heated mind. I reached cooly for my anti bacterial and squelched the entire contents over my bleeding, bloody, butchered, body part. 

My kind,  caring compatriot, guide and host, whisked me off on his tiny 2 cylinder, across a dry and stony, parched and harsh landscape of gypsies, snakes and camels, to the nearest village outpost of a hospital.

There seated on the filthiest casualty bed, bearing witness and stains of the scars and maims of what must have been AT LEAST the past years injured unfortunates, hauled in from across this desolate unforgiving region.

 Vaccines, Needles, Antibiotics and Surgical cleaning fluid all purchased, and my watchful eye kept over the whole process in this festering and chaotic , badly managed environment. I emerged waiting and hoping (and nearly praying ) that this would not be my demise.

 A few years on from that deranged doggy experience, I am still designing and producing in this most alluring of places.  

 And so here is the tale of my Apple Mac Book so called Pro, the fine, sleek ,silver cased work horse that looks like a strong tough old goat under its robust looking keys and casement, but actually is a sensitive soul and has long been my biggest concern;  apart from being personally jolted by a juggernaut from my clapped out Honda Hero and left to bleed, dehydrate or simply hurt to death in this desolate desert outback.


Working in the desert with Textiles, Tailors and Technology.  

If young Mac the pro were to go,  suddenly decide its had enough, enough of clambering over badly arranged files,  hauling itself through multitudes  of malingering unnecessaries,  duplicates, decoys and desktop detachments.  With its minuscule excuse for built in cooling, fruitlessly floundering and failing to take the edge off the unrelenting, unyielding, ever increasing, searing desert heat,  what would happen to my life ?

 But it happened ! One more plane, another train and some bumpy terrain,  some sinister looking dust storms and a 45 degree C, daily normality, It was like a vicious dog bite to my struggling companion.   Mac book  crashed,  teetered a bit,  but fell, heavily,  could not recover and once again there I was in need of A & E.

 A creative fashion environment, stunning vistas and inspiring colours are not all that it takes,  technology plays an important part...even in a place where the camel is king.



I struggled for a few hours straining my eyes on an I phone whilst Mac book sat silently , too silently, not a breath, not a pulse not a glimmer or glint from its beautiful mind. 

But then suddenly there it was on my phone's screen,  Google had picked up the flashing lights of an Apple Hospital, just 2 miles from the incident,  Phone calls made, problem relayed ! …..what on earth is THIS casualty department going  to look likeI thought. 

A taxi drive. and then I arrived.  An escalator to a brightly lit,  pristine, gleaming, impeccably clean,  super hygiene, pro equipped,  Apple casualty award... winning service centre.


Professionals poised, awaiting the arrival of this poor unfortunate, ill treated,  no doubt abused family member.

Latex gloves and expert hands, questions calmly conveyed with succinct pertinence, documents presented and  a body bag filled. Macbook was rushed and hushed behind hitek smokey screens followed by a pleasant, reassuring shake of the head …

”come back tomorrow sir” 

(It would have been next week or even in next month in London)  


Well flipping eck !!  Tomorrow came,  Laptop returned, all be it his memory completely erased, ( he didn't know who I was ) but in impeccable working order, and …..totally Free of Charge.


Whether its Body parts or technology parts, there's always help at hand in this baron place. 

My happy tailors